About Us


 Latisha J. Alford "Coach T", is the owner and operator of Back to the Basics Nutrition and Fitness, LLC.  Latisha is a certified Revo2lution Running Coach and Fierce4 Nutritional Coach.  She has a passion for showing people how easy it is to improve their lifestyles with basic changes. Latisha believes that with God, anything is possible and often tells her clients, “We are aiming for progress, not perfection!” She is a mother, works full time, and is an entrepreneur but makes time to help others meet their goals.

Latisha discovered her passion for running and healthy living years ago and has not stopped.  She has run races of various distances and trained several women in the Winston Salem run community through the national organization, Black Girls Run where she served as an Ambassador and Run Coordinator!  In addition, she enjoys motivating others to live longer healthier lives.  Latisha has been the speaker at conferences and workshops sharing with others her passion for a healthy active lifestyle.